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The APDA Apple II Software Library is a complete collection of all the Apple software Syndicomm is authorized to sell. This includes developer tools, sample code, and operating system software products, among others.

This is the downloadable version of this product. Once purchased, you will be able to download a Zip-compressed ISO CD-ROM image.

The complete contents of this disk:

  • Apple Pascal 1.3 with Device Support Tools
  • APW Interfaces for System 6.0.1
  • Apple II Desktop Toolkit
  • Apple II Filecard Toolkit
  • GSBug and Debugging Tools
  • HyperCard IIgs Developers Kit
  • Apple IIgs Source Code Sampler
  • MPW IIgs Tools
  • MPW IIgs Assembler
  • MPW IIgs C
  • MPW IIgs Pascal
  • Apple SuperPILOT Special Edition
  • Apple IIgs System 6 Release Notes
  • Video Overlay Card Development Kit
  • Apple IIgs System 5.0.4
  • Apple IIgs System 6.0.1
  • Apple II AppleShare Setup Disk
  • Apple II DOS 3.3
  • Apple II High-Speed SCSI Card Utilities
  • HyperCard IIgs
  • HyperMover
  • Apple II System Disk 3.2
  • Apple II System Disk 4.0.2

All products include disk images in Universal Disk Image (.2mg), DiskCopy (for 3.5-inch disks), and ShrinkIt disk archive formats. In addition, all manuals are provided in searchable scanned Adobe Acrobat (PDF) format, with bookmarks for each chapter.

The CD-ROM is in hybrid Joliet/HFS format, and is compatible with computers running Windows, Linux, Mac OS, and GS/OS.


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