Apple Filecard Toolkit


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This prototype software from Apple, which was never declared final, contains a variety of user interface utilities for the Apple II software developer. These utilities provide the programmer the ability to create powerful text screen based user interfaces.

The package includes:

  • The Pascal filecard Menu Support Unit, which is a simple AppleWorks-style interface written in Pascal for screen management and menu selections.
  • The Apple II Console and Keyboard Tools, an adaptation of the Apple III Console Driver for the Apple IIc and IIe, which lets you use a consistent interface for display and control procedures; the driver can be used in Pascal, Applesoft, and assembly.
  • Release notes 1.0b1 for the console drivers.
  • ConsoleStuff Library external reference specification


Five 5.25″ diskettes
138 pages of spiral-bound documentation

System requirements

Apple IIc, IIe, or IIgs

Additional information

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