Apple II Appleshare Programmer’s Guide


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This guide describes the Appleshare environment and explains how you can create applications that make use of AppleShare’s file server capabilities on an AppleTalk network. You should have a working knowledge of the Apple II family of computers, ProDOS 8 and GS/OS (the Apple II operating systems), AppleTalk protocols, and the LocalTalk cable system to use the ideas presented in this guide. For the Apple II family of computers, the Appleshare environment supports only ProDOS 8 (v 1.5 or later) and GS/OS.

  • Specifications and tools for the Apple II computer family to implement AppleTalk protocols.
  • A general introduction to the AppleTalk network system.
  • Key concepts to create or modify applications intended for operation in a shared environment.
  • Guidelines to create or modify application programs for an Apple IIe or an Apple IIGS computer that uses an AppleTalk network.
This APDA guide is a beta product that has not been fully tested and documented.


214 8.5″x11″ pages, index, table of contents. Drilled for notebook, not included.

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