Apple II High-Speed SCSI Card Utilities


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These utilities let users perform backups, format, and partition their SCSI devices, and allow developers to develop applications that make use of the various SCSI drivers Apple Computer provides (hard disk, CD-ROM, scanner, tape backup). This package is for developers who want to license the SCSI software and for those who want to develop applications that use the High-Speed SCSI card or the SCSI drivers. Additionally, it is provided for APDA customers who own the previous SCSI card and want to use this new software.

The software includes:

  • The SCSI Manager
  • Device drivers for use with the IIGS for hard disk and CD ROM drives
  • Hard disk utilities HD SC Partition, Backup II, and SCSI Verify
  • A utility to backup data
  • A ‘CD-Remote’ desk accessory for using audio CD’s with the Apple IIGS computer
  • Beta versions of device drivers for the Apple Scanner and Apple Tape Backup 4OSC
  • End-user documentation for the hard disk utilities
  • Two 3.5-inch diskettes

These APDA utilities are beta products that have not been completely tested and documented.


Two 3.5″ disks
66 spiral-bound pages of documentation

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