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The Apple IIgs Internet Starter Kit includes an assortment of software that you can use to take your Apple IIgs online:

  • Marinetti 3.0b1. The latest version of the TCP/IP Internet access software from Richard Bennett. Supports dialup access via SLIP and PPP protocols, and with the software included with select Apple II compatible Ethernet cards, allows you to use your cable modem or DSL connection to access the Internet from your Apple IIgs.
  • GS-ShrinkIt 1.1. The nearly universally-used file compression and decompression utility for the Apple IIgs computer. Most files you download from Internet sites require GS-ShrinkIt to unpack them.
  • GSCII+ NDA. A desk accessory that lets you encode and decode Binscii and Binhex files, as well as Uuencode. These are special formats that encode binary files into a special text format used on certain message boards and Usenet newsgroups.
  • Arachnid Preview Release 3. Kim Howe’s web browser for the Apple IIgs. Although it’s incomplete, it does let you visit web sites and download files.
  • GWFTP. Geoff Weiss’s text-based FTP client. Upload and download files to FTP servers.
  • VNCView GS. Virtual Network Computing client that lets you use your Apple IIgs to control other computers that are running a VNC server, such as the one built into Mac OS X 10.4 and later.
  • MailCheck NDA. A desk accessory that you can use to see how many email messages you have waiting.
  • Telnet NDA. A telnet client in an NDA. Access Unix servers and certain online services in a window from any desktop application.
  • TheirIP NDA. Look up the IP address for another computer, given its domain name.
  • MyIP NDA. Find out your own IP address.
  • Time Zone Tool Set. Lets you set the time zone of your Apple IIgs. Used by certain Internet-based software.
  • Network Time. Automatically update your Apple IIgs system clock based on time servers available around the world.
  • StolenBASE NDA. Lets you encode and decode MIME, the format used to send binary files by email in nearly all modern email software.

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