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The Apple IIGS Source Code Sampler includes three disks full of sample programs for the Apple IIGS, written by Apple’s own Developer Technical Support department.

This sampler volume offers programmers:
  • Source code for Apple IIGS applications that use the desktop interface
  • An empty shell application, an animation demonstration, a custom control, custom windows, and dialogs
  • Additional samples offer window caching, list handling, and a sampled sound player
  • A Print Manager record spy, custom menus, and a math function grapher that uses SANE

Source code is included for both the APW native development system and the MPW IIGS Cross-Development System, in both Assembly and C. C source code samples include an empty shell application and a program lister that can print to the Apple lmagewriter and Apple LaserWriter printers.


Three 5.25″ diskettes
One page of documentation, drilled for notebook (notebook not included

System requirements

Apple IIgs
APW native or MPW IIgs cross-development system

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