Apple IIgs System 5.0.4


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This is an older and smaller version of the 16 bit operating system for the Apple IIGS. See APDA-47 for the latest version; we recommend version 5.0.4 only if your Apple IIGS has less than 2 MB of memory or has no hard disk drive. These two disks contain all of the software you need to actually run your Apple IIGS. The documentation is technical documentation, describing in detail the changes, bug fixes and additions made to System 5.0.4 compared to System 5.0.2.

Use this operating system if you have an Apple IIGS computer and want to run Apple IIGS specific programs. We recommend this version if you are using less than 2 MB of RAM or if you do not have a hard drive. If you have 2 MB or more of RAM and a hard drive, we recommend System 6.0.1, a more recent but larger version of the Apple IIGS operating system.


Two 3.5″ disks
19 pages of documentation, drilled for notebook (notebook not included)

System requirements

Apple IIgs with ROM 01 or ROM 3
1.125 MB of RAM
One 3.5″ drive

Additional information

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