DOS 3.3 with User’s Manual


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This manual and disk are designed to get you started using the DOS 3.3 operating system, which works on all Apple II computers with 16-sector Disk ][ drives (in other words, pretty much all of them). The manual is an authorized reproduction of Apple’s DOS 3.3 User Manual.

Chapter titles from the book are:

1 A Tutorial for the New DOS User

2 An Overview of DOS

3 Using Disks

4 Using Files

5 Using Programs Already on Disk

A Dealing With 13-Sector Disks

B Warnings and Error Messages

C Programs on the DOS Disks

D Summary of DOS Operating Concepts and Commands


One 5.25″ DOS 3.3 System Master floppy disk
174-page reproduction of the original Apple DOS manual, index, and table of contents, drilled for notebook (not included).

System requirements

Any Apple II computer with at least one 5.25″ disk drive.

This authorized reprint is printed on three-hole-punched paper and includes color front and back covers.

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