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This is a beta version of Apple Computer’s machine-language debugger. It works on any Apple IIGS with System Software 4.0 or later. Use GSBug to step through your code, save a trace history to a file on disk, define breakpoint and insert them into your code, define and use memory protection windows, and view the debugger’s master display. Other debugging utilities are also included, along with a printed manual.

This software includes:

  • Loader Dumper, which lets you see where in memory the system Loader has loaded each segment of your program and gives you information about the various tables and variables that the loader uses
  • Memory Mangler, which lets you execute a variety of Memory Mangler routines and provides lists of the memory blocks that are used, purged, and disposed of by the Memory Mangler
  • Scrambler, which helps you find out whether your application has incorrectly referenced a memory handle
  • GS/OS Exerciser (supplied both as an application and as a classic desk accessory), which lets you “exercise” the GS/OS by practicing its calls from the keyboard

This APDA item is a beta product that has not been fully tested and documented.


One 3.5″ disk
150 page spiral-bound manual

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