GS/OS Device Driver Reference


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This reference describes the GS/OS application interface to device drivers, all device-specific calls and how to interact with the following GS/OS drivers: the SCSI driver, the AppleDisk 3.5 driver, the UniDisk 3.5 driver, the AppleDisk 5.25 driver, AppleTalk drivers, and GS/OS generated drivers. It also shows how to design and write drivers for hardware devices you can use with the Apple IIGS. This reference replaces the beta draft of GS/OS Reference, Volume 2. If you own that interim draft, you also should buy this reference to get the latest technical information.


322 pages of documentation including index and table of contents (drilled for notebook, not included)

This authorized reprint is printed on three-hole-punched paper and includes color front and back covers.

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