KansasFest 2004 DVD: Disc 2


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Disc 2 of our coverage of KansasFest 2004 includes three fascinating and educational sessions:

  • Code Secrets of Wolf 3D demonstrates how Wolfenstein 3D on the Apple IIgs takes advantage of special features of the Apple IIgs hardware to improve the game’s performance and handling. Includes information on how the screen is updated fast, and how to read multiple keys pressed at once on the IIgs keyboard. Presented by Eric “Sheppy” Shepherd.
  • LANceGS Programming talks about the inner workings of the LANceGS card, revealing never-before-seen information about the architecture of the card. Presented by Geoff Weiss.
  • Hi-Fi WiFi covers the basics of wireless networking, including the various networking standards, their pros and cons, and how to best place a base station for the best coverage and performance. Presented by Austin C. Phelps.

In addition, there are several minutes of bonus footage, including the already infamous arm-wrestling match between Ken Gagne and Jeri Ellsworth and a “roaming the halls” segment where we wander around the dorm after hours to see what people are up to.

Get a first-hand look at what KFest is all about!

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