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Haven’t you dreamed of writing your own programs? The problem is finding a place to start. Lots of people will sell you a language, and any bookstore has rafts of books that tell you they will teach you to program. Unfortunately, all of them are designed for other computers, or for no computer at all. Many assume you already know a lot about programming, and just want to learn a new language.

Learn to Program in GSoft BASIC is different. It was written specifically for GSoft BASIC running on an Apple IIGS. It doesn’t assume you know anything at all about programming. In fact, it is based on the APS computer Science curriculum, a guideline developed by universities for introductory programming courses!

In our course, you’ll learn the BASIC programming language. If you already know Applesoft, you’ll find the first few lessons in the course easy going, but GSoft BASIC’s abilities go far beyond Applesoft, and so does this course. You’ll also learn about pointers and records, two powerful capabilities Applesoft doesn’t have, but that you must use for Apple IIGS Toolbox programming.

But you won’t just learn the BASIC programming language. You’ll also learn the fundamentals of computer science – the basics you’ll use in any program you write. You’ll learn about linked lists, binary trees, symbol tables, parsers, recursion, searching methods and sorting methods, just to name a few. And you’ll see how to put these to work in real programs like a cross reference program for your BASIC source code. The text also points out where these techniques are used in real programs, like databases, spreadsheets, adventure games and word processors.

Some books say they will teach you to program, then give you the paper equivalent of a lecture hall. Our course is different. It’s like a lab course. From the very first chapter, you’re writing your own programs! Each chapter has working programs you can type in and run, as well as problems you solve by writing your own programs. And if you get stuck, you’ll find a solution on the disk that comes with the course.

Thousands of people have learned to program or learned a new language with our programming courses. This is the perfect first course for you to join their ranks!

Table of Contents

Lesson One: Getting Started
Lesson Two: Variables and Loops
Lesson Three: Input, Loops and Conditions
Lesson Four: Subroutines
Lesson Five: Strings
Lesson Six: Arrays
Lesson Seven: Types and Constants
Lesson Eight:: Files
Lesson Nine: Pointers and Lists
Lesson Ten: Miscellaneous Useful Stuff
Lesson Eleven: Scanning Text
Lesson Twelve: Recursion
Lesson Thirteen: Sorts
Lesson Fourteen: Searches and Trees


242 page spiral-bound book
One 3.5″ disk

System requirements

1.125 MB of memory
One 3.5″ drive (hard drive recommended)

Additional information

Weight 1.5 lbs


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