Marinetti 3.0b1: TCP/IP Developers’ Kit


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Marinetti is a tool that supplies TCP/IP for the Apple IIGS. Like all tools, Marinetti doesn’t do anything on its own. Instead, Marinetti is typically used by application programs like web browsers that need to communicate using the Internet. This documentation is modeled after Apple’s toolbox documentation, and serves the same purpose for Marinetti that the Apple IIGS Toolbox Reference serves for Apple’s tools. The disk includes the executable files for Marinetti, as well as interface files for ORCA/M, ORCA/C, ORCA/Pascal, GSoft BASIC and Merlin.

Marinetti itself and its documentation is open source software; Marinetti and its source code are freely downloadable. The software and documentation in this package are no different from the free downloads. The reason this package exists at all is to provide an inexpensive way to get a printed version of the documentation and to get the Marinetti software, source code, and interface files on a CD-ROM.


Two bound, printed manuals: the 200-page Marinetti 2.0.1 Programmers’ Guide, and the 30-page Marinetti 3.0 Technical Update and Debugging Guide, plus one HFS and Joliet CD-ROM which can be used on the Macintosh, Apple IIGS, and Windows. The CD-ROM contains installers for Marinetti 2.0.1 and 3.0b1, the source code for Marinetti 3.0b1, and sample code, as well as the interface files.

System requirements

System 6.0.1
Modem or compatible ethernet card

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