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MPW IIGS C v 1.0.2 contains the Cross-Developement Suite C compiler for the Apple IIGS and offers full Kernighan and Richie implementation of the C language. It runs under MPW on a Macintosh computer. Note: If you want ANSI C compatibility, get MPW IIgs ORCA/C instead!

Features include:

  • Extensions that include void and enumerated types and structure-passing. Support for source-level segmentation of load files.
  • Standard C I/O library and Apple IIGS tool interfaces.
  • Code that is source compatible with APW C, with only minor exceptions.
  • Current interfaces for all tools on the Apple IIGS System Disk v 4.0.
  • Please note that we recommend MPW IIgs ORCA/C over this obsolete product.


    One 3.5″ disk
    182 8.5″x11″ pages of documentation with index and table of contents, drilled for notebook (not included)

    System requirements

    APDA-19 MPW IIgs Tools
    MPW 3.0 or later
    One 3.5″ internal floppy drive on your Macintosh

Additional information

Weight 1.5 lbs


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