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For years, ORCA/C has been the leader in C compilers for native development on the Apple IIGS. Now it’s also the standard for cross development from the Macintosh! MPW IIGS ORCA/C is a port of ORCA/C 2.0.3 to Apple’s MPW environment on the Macintosh computer. You compile from the Macintosh, them run the programs from System 6.0.1 on an Apple IIGS or Apple IIGS emulator on your Macintosh. Take advantage of your Macintosh computer’s blazing speed and large screen to ease Apple IIGS software development!

Unlike other cross development languages, ORCA/C is also available on the Apple IIGS, so you can move programs back and forth between the two computers. MPW IIGS ORCA/C is almost a straight port of ORCA/C 2.0.3 to the MPW environment. The exceptions are some oft-requested extensions to C, like // comments and multibyte character constants. And if the few extensions added to MPW IIGS ORCA/C cause source portability problems between the two versions, a simple pragma at the top of each source file restores 100% compatibility.

MPW IIGS ORCA/C requires version 3.3 or later of MPW, sold by Apple Computer. It also requires the MPW IIGS linker, which is part of a set of utilities sold by Byte Works (APDA-19, MPW IIGS Tools). You can also add the MPW IIGS Assembler, making it easy to mix assembly language and C.

Of course, there are other 65816 systems besides the Apple IIGS. If your application is targeted for another computer, you’ll find ORCA/C easy to adapt to the target machine. All of the code generated by ORCA/C is machine independent. With the exception of floating-point, the run-time libraries are easy to adapt for any 65816 based platform. Source code for the run-time libraries is included in MPW IIGS Assembler format.

Whatever your target machine, MPW IIGS ORCA/C provides a fast, proven ANSI C compiler for 65816 development from the Macintosh.

Compiler Features:

  • Full access to the Apple IIGS Tools.
  • Write stand-alone programs, shell programs, Classic Desk Accessories, New Desk Accessories, HyperCard XCMDs, HyperStudio NBAs, and Inits.
  • Conforms to the ANSI C standard with extensions for the Apple IIGS.
  • Define and access your own libraries.
  • Supports a large and small memory model.
  • Segment statement lets you segment large programs.
  • Supports dynamic segments for overlays.
  • Built-in miniassembler for inline assembly code.


186 pages of documentation, drilled for 3-ring binder (binder not included)
Three 3.5″ 800K Mac disks

System requirements

MPW 3.3 or later
One 3.5″ internal disk drive


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