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This is the beta version of the Pascal compiler for the MPW-Apple IIGS Cross-Development Suite. It runs under MPW on a Macintosh computer. The compiler creates code that executes directly on an Apple IIGS computer. It is based on and uses syntax almost identical with that of MPW Pascal 3.0. Unlike MPW Pascal, however, object-oriented programming is not supported. This is the same version of Pascal used to create Apple’s HyperCard IIGS software.

MPW IIGS Pascal includes:

  • Support for Apple’s Standard Apple Numeric Environment (SANE)
  • Support for type-coercion techniques, bit-manipulation routines, and other extensions
  • An INLINE extension allows programmers to specify machine instructions and access global data and functions
  • A library of standard Pascal I/O routines
  • Interfaces for the GS/OS operating system and Apple IIGS Toolbox, current with Apple IIGS System Disk 4.0


One CD-ROM disc, printed manual drilled for 3-ring binder (not included)

System requirements

MPW 3.0 or later
MPW IIgs Tools

This product is beta-quality and may have flaws.

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