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You can create Apple IIGS versions of your Macintosh products with MPW IIGS. The cornerstone of the MPW IIGS Cross-Development Suite is MPW IIGS Tools. If you’re familiar with MPW, you’ll feel right at home with MPW IIGS because the tools are modeled after their MPW counterparts. This product contains the MPW IIGS Tools that are essential to accessing the new features of Apple IIGS System Disk 5.0.4 and revisions to several existing MPW IIGS tools.

This package includes:

  • RezIIGS, a resource compiler
  • DeRezIIGS, a resource decompiler
  • MakeDirectIIGS, a stack segment creation utility
  • ResEqualsIIGS, a resource compare utility
  • ExpressIIGS, a utility to convert existing applications Into ExpressLoad compatible applications DuplicateIIGS, the ProDOS disk read/write utility
  • DumpObjIIGS, the OMF display utility
  • LinkIIGS, the linker
  • MakeBinIIGS, the binary file converter
  • MakeLibIIGS, the library creation utility
  • Interfaces for MPW IIGS Assembler and MPW IIGS C
  • Fixes to all known bugs


Two 3.5″ disks
Printed manual drilled for notebook (notebook not included)

System requirements

MPW 3.0 or later
One of the following languages: MPW IIgs Assembler, MPW IIgs C, MPW IIgs Pascal, or MPW IIgs ORCA/C
An internal 3.5″ drive on your Macintosh

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