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Here’s the complete collection of Byte Works software! You get all of the ORCA products, both 8 bit and 16 bit. You get all of the Quick Click products. You get our educational programs, our learn to program courses, our toolbox programming courses… everything!

This is the downloadable version of OPUS ][. See product OPUS-01 for the CD-ROM version.

You get two applications that went out of print and haven’t been available for years. There’s also a small planet finder program we never released, plus over 50 small programs contributed by Peter Watson and Eric Shepherd. (Some are shareware–support those who support you!)

What about manuals? They’re all here! You get all of the documentation for every Byte Works program on the disc in four different formats. There’s Microsoft Word 98 for those who may want to reformat or search the documentation in its original format. We provide PDF files for those of you who want to print the documentation at your local copy shop. RTF files allow you to see the original documentation with most of its formatting from pretty much any word processor. If all else fails, plain ASCII text files are there, too. You can read those from the ORCA editor, and virtually any other text editor as well.

The programs are there in three formats. You get disk images that you can use from ShrinkWrap or Disk Copy on a Macintosh. On older Macintosh computers, you can create 800K images of all of our commercial disks and carry them to an Apple IIGS or Apple ][ equipped with a 3.5″ floppy drive. All of the software is also preinstalled in two formats. There’s a 32M ProDOS format image that’s just perfect for dragging into the folder of an Apple IIGS emulator on a Macintosh. All of the software is also preinstalled in an HFS folder right on the CD, so you can view any of the files from a Macintosh, an Apple IIGS with a CD ROM drive and the HFS FST, or a Windows computer with appropriate software to read HFS discs.


Apple IIGS

GS-01 Ugly Duckling
GS-02 3D Logo
GS-03 HyperLogo
GS-04 ORCA/M 2.1
GS-05 ORCA/Pascal 2.2
GS-06 ORCA/C 2.1
GS-07 ORCA/Modula-2
GS-08 ORCA/Integer BASIC
GS-09 Design Master
GS-10 ORCA/Disassembler
GS-11 ORCA/Debugger
GS-12 Talking Tools
GS-13 ORCA/Sublib Source
GS-14 Merlin to ORCA/M
GS-15 Utility Pack #1
GS-16 Prog. Ref. 6.0
GS-16 Prog. Ref. 6.0.1
GS-17 LTP Pascal
GS-18 Toolbox Pascal
GS-20 Toolbox C
GS-21 QC Calc
GS-22 QC Morph
GS-26 Marinetti

Apple ][

II-01 Crypto
II-02 Byte Paint
II-03 ORCA/M Assembler
II-04 MON+ Debugger
II-05 ORCA/M O/S Source
II-06 Floating Point Libraries
II-07 Voyager 1
II-08 Small C

Unreleased (Apple IIGS)


Plus over 50 contributed programs!


One CD-ROM disc image in ISO format.

System requirements

Apple IIgs or IIgs emulator
System 6.0 or later
1.25 MB of memory (2 MB recommended)
CD-ROM drive or access to a Mac with CD-ROM drive

This CD-ROM is formatted as a Macintosh HFS disk, which can be used in both Macintosh and Apple IIGS computers. If you’d like to use it on Windows computers, you need a utility that allows you to access HFS disks, such as HFV Explorer. This is not an endorsement of HFV Explorer. We have not expressly tested it with this product; this reference is for your information only.


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