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Opus ][: The Works, which consists of both the Opus ][: The Software CD and the Opus ][: The Source CD, is the ultimate Byte Works product. Get every single Byte Works product ever released for the Apple II (as well as one or two that were never released), as well as the source code for them all!.

The products included range from the ORCA/M 4.1 assembler for 8-bit Apple II computers to the entire suite of ORCA developer tools for the Apple IIgs, as well as productivity software like the Quick Click Calc spreadsheet.

This is a great bargain for Apple II users!

This CD-ROM is formatted as a Macintosh HFS disk, which can be used in both Macintosh and Apple IIGS computers. If you’d like to use it on Windows computers, you need a utility that allows you to access HFS disks, such as HFV Explorer. This is not an endorsement of HFV Explorer. We have not expressly tested it with this product; this reference is for your information only.

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