Silver Platter (Download)

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Silver Platter is a Freeware New Desk Accessory (NDA) that turns your Apple IIgs computer into a web server. Once configured, you can access files on your Apple IIgs using any web browser.

You can serve up an entire web site, or you can serve up files and folders. It’s great for transferring files easily from your Apple IIgs to your Macintosh, PC, or other computer.

The best part: you can serve up files from your Apple IIgs while continuing to use your favorite software!

Silver Platter was written by respected Apple II programmer Kelvin Sherlock (of GShisen fame) and is distributed by Syndicomm under license.

Note: At this time, there appears to be a problem with the LANceGS driver that prevents users outside your local network from accessing the Apple IIgs. The Uthernet network card is fully compatible.

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