Softdisk G-S #14 (Download)


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Softdisk G-S magazine ran for several years, publishing a monthly disk filled with fascinating and useful articles and great software. For a complete list of the issues, read our complete list of issues online at Whackaway
A Mean 18 golf course (Mean 18 Required).
Spencer’s Pages
This month features Christmas Cardinal.
Clip Art
Animals and Fish
Dickens & Dickens Bold
World Tour
World Tour is a graphic-based program which teaches children (or forgetful adults) where countries and bodies of water are located. Throughout various issues, we published the entire world. To make it easier on you to assemble an entire folder of World Tour areas, they are listed here together.

Number Map Area
#14 Central and North America, plates 2 and 3.
#19 Europe, plates 6, 7, 8 and 9.
#21 Asia, plates 14 and 15.
#25 Africa, plates 10, 11 and 12.
#27 Middle East, plate 13.
#29 South America, plate 5.
#32 Australia, plate 16.
#35 Pacific Rim, plate 1.
#38 West Indies, plate 4.
#41 Antarctica, plate 17.


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