Softdisk G-S #18 (Download)


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Softdisk G-S magazine ran for several years, publishing a monthly disk filled with fascinating and useful articles and great software. For a complete list of the issues, read our complete list of issues online at

What a Poster! G-S
View and print Super-Hi-Res graphics screens with ease. Print them very tiny or make them into gigantic 256-color posters! Even prints part of pictures.
More DA’s
This program allows you to load Desk Accessories and Inits from a drive other than the boot drive. Several versions included in order to cover all the possible setups.
Spencer’s Pages
“Napoleon’s Guard” is the first Spencer graphic that everyone can see. It is saved as an Apple Preferred Document! Print it directly from Softdisk G-S. Wow!
Clip Art
Cute Stuff
The Immortal


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