Softdisk G-S #19 (Download)


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Softdisk G-S magazine ran for several years, publishing a monthly disk filled with fascinating and useful articles and great software. For a complete list of the issues, read our complete list of issues online at

Print Shop Viewer
Images this month are tied to the feature World Tour. We present 33 flags from countries in and around Europe. View
them and print them as they are or use Print Shop to modify any to your liking.
Spencer’s Corner
Bavarian Rain: We are proud to announce the expansion of “Spencer’s Pages” into a new monthly feature “Spencer’s
Corner.” This month he forges into distant lands, across uncharted oceans, through space and time to bring us new ideas,
advice, and, of course, more graphics!
Clip Art
Milestones 2000 and Antetris


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