Softdisk G-S #24 (Download)


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You may lose your marbles in this marble-jumping game. But don’t worry. That’s the point! Exclude marble after marble by
jumping them through several challenging patterns. Sounds simple? Give it a try. Can you jump them all, leaving just one
in the center? This game comes complete with on-line help.
Arkanoid II was one of the most popular programs for the GS. So you shouldn’t be surprised that we’ve decided to
increase your entertainment with “Dynobricks.” This brick-busting level for Arkanoid II will add new excitement to your
game. Some of these are REALLY HARD!
P.S. Images
You’ll almost smell the crisp, smoky air of autumn when you view these Halloween and Autumn images. Our leaf-filled
design is a natural to decorate your fall correspondence. Use our football to publish a schedule for a young boy’s team.
Spencer’s Corner
Certificate: Here’s artwork to rival that of medieval English monks. Spencer has designed an incredibly complex border
pixel by pixel. It’s perfect to frame poetry (yours or a recognized poet’s), to fashion a recognition certificate, or to add extra
punch to a love letter. Clip Art: Fall
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