Softdisk G-S #25 (Download)


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Desktop Cdev
When the people in the Human Interface group at Apple Computer were designing the Apple IIgs, they decided that the
most pleasing color for the Desktop would be a light blue. Well, Bill Tudor disagrees. With Desktop CDev, you get to
choose what color, or even colors your Desktop will be.
Print Shop Viewer
Fall Images: You can smell the chestnuts roasting when you take a look at these graphics. These images, good for Print
Shop GS, include Fall items, Thanksgiving images, and a Christmas preview.
Spencer’s Corner
The Professor: All of us had one in college, high school, somewhere (some of us are one): the teacher who didn’t merely
stand in front of the class but who loomed there, whose general appearance resembled a hamper with the lid open,
whose mind behaved suspiciously like a bin of extraneous screws and washers. This month Spencer presents a graphic
that sums up all these thoughts in one fell swoop.
Clip Art
Super Convert


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