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Let there be Music! With Minstrel you can now play music and use your computer at the same time! Minstrel is a New
Desk Accessory (NDA) that allows you to load and play as many MIDI Synth or SoundSmith songs as you wish!
Can you guide your perky protozoan pal through the dangers of his microscopic world? You have to avoid the likes of Mr.
Moisture while engulfing your food; but, eat an apple and the tables turn!
Is your Apple IIgs used by more than one person? Or in an office environment? Are there ever times when you wish you
could keep people from playing with your system? Do you have young children that shouldn’t be using the computer? If
you’ve answered “yes” to any of the above questions, then GuardDog is perfect for you.
Spencer’s Corner
The Magician: This poster or announcement flier can be used for almost any promotion. The key to success in all publicity
is to make a big deal out of the “ho-hum” activity you’re trying to promote, and absolutely anything can be “sorcery,”
hyperbolically speaking.
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