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WordWorks Pro
Have you been searching for a word processor that meets all your needs yet is simple to use? Look no further.
WordWorks Pro takes you a step beyond ordinary word processors into the realm of the truly amazing. We have included
multiple-line keystroke macros, foreground and background text color, a ruler, slick find/replace options, and a unique
preferences menu.
InstantDA allows you to double-click on New Desk Accessories (NDAs) or Classic Desk Accessories (CDAs) from Finder
and have them automatically installed. After double-clicking on an NDA, you’ll be able to select it from the Apple menu just
as if it had been installed in your System disk when you booted. It doesn’t even matter where the DA is located; it can
even be on another disk!
Clipboard Plus
How many times have you copied something to the clipboard, and then instantly forgot what you just copied? Or, have
you ever been irritated because an application did not save the clipboard contents to disk before quitting? Clipboard Plus
solves these problems.
Spencer’s Corner
Sheep ‘N’ Goats: What separates the men from the boys or the sheep from the goats? Check out the artwork in Spencer’s
Corner this month and you just may find out.
HyperStudio 3.0


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