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AlphaTeach quickly teaches children to recognize each letter of the alphabet and to associate each letter with its
corresponding sound.
Have you ever lost a file in your own file directories? Locator to the rescue! With Locator, you can use specific or general
criteria to find and print files by name, size or kind. Save the directory list as a standard text file. Print directories or the
entire contents of a hard drive.
Minstrel Song
Chopin’s Etude: Let there be Music! With Minstrel you can now play music and use your computer at the same time!
Minstrel is a New Desk Accessory (NDA) that allows you to load and play as many MIDI Synth or SoundSmith songs as
you wish!
Print Shop Images
Heraldry: From the days of Kings and Queens, Knights and Ladies, jousts and costume balls, comes Heraldry images.
Have you ever researched to identify your family Coat of Arms? Well, now is the time to do so. With these images you can
recreate the shields, crests and mottos that symbolize your family’s heritage.
Spencer’s Corner
Render Unto Caesar: The graphic, “Render Unto Caesar,” may be inspired by the season’s annual confrontation with
income tax forms and finances but, even if you aren’t an IRS agent, its uses are plentiful. In fact, you should find it
appropriate almost anywhere that some “humor with an edge to it” is needed.


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