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Word Search
Better brush up on your United States geography skills or this game will get tough! Word Search places letters on a 19 by
15 board with words hidden vertically and horizontally — both backwards and forwards. Take your pick from three
different difficulty settings and watch as the clock ticks away. Beat the clock and move to the next puzzle. Find U.S.
states first, then capitals, cities and finally rivers. Can you solve all the puzzles?
Home Refinancer
Does refinancing make “cents” for you? Check out Home Refinancer and see if you should refinance. You may be able
to reduce your monthly payment, pay the mortgage off more quickly, consolidate loans or take out a larger loan at a lower
interest rate.
Spencer’s Corner
Run for the Prize: Run for the Prize is perfect for those interoffice contests, employee incentive memos, etc. To use this
month’s creation, open the file in the AppleWorks page-layout module.
It’s hot off the presses! CalcCDA v2.1 is here. Eight months ago on Softdisk G-S #24 we published CalcCDA v2.0 and
while it was very popular, many subscribers had a complaint: there was no way to copy and paste calculations into
desktop programs. Well, version 2.1 solves that problem and actually fixes a couple of others. CalcCDA has been
included for use with Home Refinancer.
Clip Art
Famous Faces
Number Squares


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