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Do you have what it takes to avoid a meltdown? In Nucleon you’ll be given the chance to prove yourself once and for all.
Watch those waste containers-anything can happen when you enter the radioactive world of Nucleon!
Seeing is believing. One of the most amazing New Desk Accessories Softdisk G-S has ever published. Check out
graphics and sounds of all sorts with this handy utility. SeeHear helps you explore the GS in Apple IIgs.
Spencer’s Corner
New Haunts: “New.Haunts” haunted house should be useful this Halloween for announcing a Haunted House or party at
your home or your organization. Its headline, “Looking For Some New Haunts?” is rendered in the Hardin 24 font. As
always, there’s room below the main graphic for several additional headlines and some standard “copy” in smaller print.
Print Shop GS
Worldly Images: This month we’ve included some Worldly Images in the Print Shop section. For your printing
pleasure…images of a Chinese Junk, the Sphinx, a Pyramid, the Great Wall of China, a Castle, the Taj Mahal, and
several views of the wonderful Earth we live on.
The Optimizer v1.0.1
There are two things that you can never have enough of in computers: RAM and disk storage. The Optimizer can’t help
you out with the first, but it may free up some disk space that programs are needlessly wasting. This version of The
Optimizer fixes a problem users found in the previous one (published on issue #33). We highly recommend that you only
use this latest version of The Optimizer.
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