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Storm Ruins
The alignment of the planets Sera and Jove marked the beginning of the storm that descended from the skies upon the
great castle of Metacus. Said to be the vengeance of great powers Metacus had abused, the storm utterly destroyed his
castle and permanently settled into the ground around the ruins. From these “Storm Ruins” evil creatures poured forth like
a plague into the surrounding countryside, leaving great paths of destruction behind them. Only you, the valiant warrior,
can search-out and destroy the powerful evil before it is too late…
Customize and print out a multitude of forms without any hassle using this month’s QuickForms. We’ve included a few
sample forms just to get you started, but be creative!
Safety Net
Safety Net is a Control Panel that acts as a document “safety net.” With Safety Net, the risk of losing long hours of work
due to unexpected power outages or program crashes is significantly lessened.
Dr. Joystick Brothers
Joysticks have a way of getting out of whack (either from too much fast-paced action or a small non-adult twisting the
centering knobs when you aren’t looking). Dr. Joystick Brothers is a small utility that shows just how far away from center
your joystick is.
Spencer’s Corner
Sara Ann Dipity: Need to publicize an event or occasion you’re especially excited about? Meet Sara Ann Dipity, a
rambunctious rodent whose energy is instantly contagious and whose enthusiasm will fire your imagination about anything
and everything you ask her to announce. Such displays of wanton abandon, after all, went out with the Age of Reason,
even for mice.
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