Softdisk G-S #41 (Download)


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Gem Grid
Nate’s mind-game for the visually coordinated is finally here! You’ll enjoy increasingly difficult levels of fun with this “gem”
of a game. Includes a great soundtrack, animation and more!
Attach Version
With System 6.0, Apple IIgs users finally have a way to identify a program’s version number from Finder. Selecting Icon
Info on a program that is System 6 savvy will display its version number and copyright information. This is cool. But, it only
works if the programmers add the version information and it won’t work for older programs. This is not cool. With Attach
Version you can attach a version resource to just about any file.
Spencer’s Corner
Play Ball: In my brief tenure as a minor league baseball player more years ago than I care to contemplate, I was known as
“The Snail” for my dismal speed on the basepaths. This probably explains why the little tyke representing a base runner in
this month’s 640 SHR graphic is a turtle.
Clip Art
Jungle Scene
Miss Vikki


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