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Another in a long line of Bill Tudor card games, this one’s sure to be a pleasure to play. Fortress may well be one of the
most addicting solitaire games you will ever try. It takes a while to learn the ropes, and even when you have, you win just
enough to tantalize. Have fun!
Stretch Windows
Stretch Windows is a handy little utility when you want to see “just a little more” of the current window. Stretch Windows
allows you to quickly stretch the current window without covering the whole screen and obscuring your volumes and the
trash can.
Draft Pak
If you’ve ever tried to draw anything to scale with AppleWorks GS, you’ve found that it is nearly impossible. Whoever
invented those oblong dots must have had a sadistic streak a mile long, and a grudge against draftsmen. Now, Draft Pak
comes to the rescue with its own set of drafting tools to help out the frustrated architect that dwells within your heart. In
this one “shrink-wrapped” package you’ll find 1/8-inch and 1/4-inch scales, fixture templates, and drafting grid screens and
a 360-degree protractor.
Have you ever tried to copy something to another disk, only to get the message (after 5 minutes) “Disk is full.”? I don’t
know about you, but I find this very annoying, especially when I am not sure what copied and what didn’t. Roomer will add
peace and content-ment to your life. It may not be a Yoga substitute, but it will help you reduce your frustration level.
Spencer’s Corner
Butler: This month’s graphic is in two forms: a flyer for school or church use and an AppleWorks GS greeting card
template for personal use. The card can announce a birthday party, a newborn baby, an open house, a job promotion, or
anything at all!
Mazer II
Jennifer TrueType


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