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Skrypter is a program that allows you to create adventure games for use in the Softdisk Adventure Machine (published on
SDGS-45). Now you can create an adventure game with no programming. That’s not to say that creating a game
is easy. It’s still a lot of “work” but at least the average IIgs user can do it.
Remember the old wooden board game Labyrinth? This month’s game, by Tim and Ivonne Shay, is a spinoff of that
popular game (with a twist). The backgrounds are taken from all the “old” Two Shay Software games we have published
on Softdisk G-S. You’ll love this one!
Rebuilder forces Finder to throw out the old “desktop” files, and then scans all available drives for icons attached to
programs. This way, the desktop files contain only the needed information, without any extra baggage.
Clip Sounds
A cool medley of sounds await you on Softdisk G-S this month. From 3 Knocks to Wolf Howl, you’ll love them all!
Spencer’s Corner
Cornucopia: I suppose you will assume that this month’s graphic is merely a Thanksgiving poster but, frankly, out here in
the land of gentlemen farmers where I live, everybody’s dinner table looks like this, night after night. So, Cornucopia
works nicely both as a private invitation to dinner and to announce a variety of public meals for either fun or fund raising.
Clip Art
TransProg III
Sky Scraper


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