Softdisk G-S #53 (Download)


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A new Othello-like game with three colors and multiple flip patterns.
The latest version of the Minstrel music player NDA, complete with a new song in the classic chorale form.
An extension that lets you turn on and off the sound effects in the Finder.
AppleWorks GS
Easy Inventory Template: An AppleWorks GS database template to help you easily keep track of all your computer
equipment, or anything else you might want to keep track of.
Clip Sounds
New rSounds to use in the Finder, including Harp, Right On, Wow, Good Night, Whistle For, and Uh-oh.
Spencer’s Corner
Generations: Tips for drawing and painting faces on your computer.
AppleWorks GS Patch
Fixes a bug in AppleWorks GS that causes you to wind up in the wrong directory when trying to save a file.


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