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A thoroughly addictive “card” game, this one may throw you for a loop at first. Be sure to read the documentation first, as
the game won’t be understandable if you don’t. Play the game a couple of times against the computer after reading the
docs, then skim through the docs again. Suddenly it will all “click” and you’ll realize that this is a really neat game…. at
least, that’s what happened to everyone here at Softdisk when we first tried it!
DownTown: This font is based on Gary’s view from his office at Baptist Medical Center at night. Perfect for use as a
headline font, it comes as both a regular IIGS bit-mapped font (in 18, 24, 36, 48 and 72 point sizes) and in TrueType style
for you Pointless users.
AppleWorks GS
Portfolio Manager: This AppleWorks GS contribution should please you investors out there. A thorough and powerful
portfolio manager for the spreadsheet, we’re sure you high-finance IIGS users out there will love it!
II Scroll
Inspired by a Macintosh shareware Init called DoubleScroll, II Scroll will change the way you use scroll bars forever! It
puts both arrows at each end of scroll bars, so you don’t have to bounce back and forth from end to end when you’re
scrolling through a document. II Scroll takes a little getting used to at first, but once you do get used to it, look out – you’ll
wonder how you ever got along without it!
MenuWiper 2.1
MenuWiper 2.0 was a lot of fun. It showed a special little animation every time you ran a program, replacing the drab old
method. Version 2.1 fixes some minor bugs and improves the capability of working with programs other than Finder. To
demonstrate the new capabilities, we’ve included a Control Panel to turn the wiping and sliding effects on and off, and a
Twilight II screen blanker that wipes the screen. Eric “Sheppy” Shepherd and Greg “Just One More Feature” Templeman
strike again!
Spencer’s Corner
Flower Girl: Our mad AppleWorks GS artist is back again, this time with a beautiful drawing of a pretty girl’s face
surrounded by intertwining flowers… plus the usual tips on getting the most out of AppleWorks GS’ graphics capabilities!
Fix ROM Blaster
Almost every IIGS user has encountered the bizarre and inexplicable system crash. DAs and inits that work fine normally
won’t work right if installed with certain other DAs and inits. Then you’ll shuffle things around some more only to discover
that the two work fine together as long as a third item is removed… or even sometimes added! Or certain programs will
work fine unless you have some certain combination of DAs, inits, and control panels. Well, with a bit of clever detective
work, Softdisk’s own Greg Templeman has tracked down a bug built into the IIGS ROM that can cause this sort of
problem in some situations, and he’s created a fix for it. This may be the most important init we’ve ever published – don’t
miss it!
Clip Art
Western: This clip art is all stuff that features a Western theme, as you can see for yourself when you view it. Includes
both color and black and white images.


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