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Shifty List
Shifty List allows you to easily select a group of any number of Inits, Desk Accessories, Control Panels, and Finder
Extensions to be loaded and installed even when you boot your Apple IIGS with the shift key down. Not only that, but
those extensions can even be loaded from other disks!
Softdisk Adventure Machine
Wizardry Quest: SAM, the Softdisk Adventure Machine, is a classic that’s been around in various incarnations since our
very first issue. This month we feature a minor update to SAM to fix some bugs and enhance game play… and to go with it
we present Wizardry Quest by James Ford, the winner of our SAM game contest. You won’t want to miss this exciting
adventure, which has a special bonus – graphics!
Primate: Primate is another in our line of TrueType and bit map fonts. It’s an interesting decorative font with a kinda
jungle-lookin’ motif, sorta in a way. (Actually we have no idea why it’s called Primate, but it’s still pretty cool looking.)
Pixel Puzzler
A beautiful, fun diversion, Pixel Puzzler brings all the power of your GS into play! Following in the footsteps of our
original Puzzler game, Pixel Puzzler is a computerized jigsaw puzzle, but this new program uses wonderful super hi-res
graphics and pleasant GS sounds.
Desktop Memory Fixer
Late in the production cycle of the last issue, we discovered a serious bug in the IIgs toolbox that could cause problems
for people using Backdrop and the Softdisk G-S shell. This bug could theoretically cause problems for other applications
too, because it’s a problem within the system toolbox, and not with our software in particular. So, this little Init will take
care of the problem for everyone.
For a very long time we’ve featured a humorous cartoon on each issue of Softdisk PC. In our ongoing efforts to share the
best items of each of our publications with the others, we’ve decided it’s about time that our GS subscribers get to check
out this nifty item.
Ocean Card
Artist Ted Nicholas has created a beautiful greeting card in a IIgs graphic. Print it out at 50% reduction, fold it, and send it
to someone you love. Works great in either color or black and white!


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