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Vaguely reminiscent of the old Towers of Hanoi game, this ultra-modern puzzle game is sure to provide hours of
entertainment for everyone from the puzzle dilettante to the hard core puzzle fiend. It seems easy at first: Assemble eight
towers from the scrambled building blocks. The towers must be built upward in sequence, from highest number at the
bottom to lowest number at the top. Sound easy? Well, easy in concept, anyway. But try it a few times before you decide
it’s easy to actually play…
Read Only 1.0.1
How many times have you been in Finder, only to find that you want to look at some sort of document to see what it says?
Have you ever wished for a fast, easy way to do this without having to bother to launch a new program? Well, then Read
Only is for you! Read Only is a Finder extension that enables you to read (but not edit, hence the name) various text-
based documents. First published on issue #45, this new version of Read Only fixes a number of minor glitches and bugs
that appeared in the last version.
Wanted Poster: Wanted Poster is another in our continuing series of TrueType and bitmap fonts. Designed in the
fashion of old Western wanted posters, it should be a great deal of fun for making up your own “Wanted Posters,” or for
riveting headlines.
MidiSynth Songs
Composer Michael Nickolas has created two original songs just for Softdisk G-S subscribers. Chorale2 is a traditional
chorale in the classical style, and Rag Sequence is a neat Ragtime piece sure to entertain just about anyone. Just open
your copy of Minstrel (from SDGS #52, or SDGS Bonus Disk #5 or 6!) and fly away on wings of sound.
Word Finder
Word Finder is a Softdisk G-S classic. It places letters on a 19 by 15 board, with words hidden vertically and horizontally,
backwards and forwards. Take your pick from three different difficulty settings and search for words as the clock ticks
away. Beat the clock and move to the next puzzle! Brand new puzzles (two sets of four) have been created exclusively for
this issue by the Softdisk staff. Can you solve them all?
Space Clip Art
Renowned artist Mary Ann Trzyna contributes more of her beautiful art this month with Space Art, which includes the
following. Use these for whatever project you like, and enjoy!

  • A Saturn V blastoff
  • A space shuttle blastoff
  • A lunar scene
  • A satellite
  • Several different astronaut poses

AppleWorks GS
Super Grade Sheet: Teachers who use AppleWorks GS are going to love this one. The Super Grade Sheet (SGS)
template is designed to allow teachers to quickly and easily access students’ grades and averages quickly and easily.
Circuitry High-Scores Patch
Many people have reported that the high scores in Circuitry (published on Issue #55) don’t work quite right. A last-minute
addition to this issue, the Circuitry Patch corrects this minor glitch.


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