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ReadFast is a speed reading tutorial program for use in the home or classroom. Using the drills in ReadFast, you can
increase your reading speed and with the testing features you can monitor your progress. This is the first IIgs-specific
program we know of to help you learn speed-reading techniques. As the debut program from our new IIgs programmer,
Barrett Brown, I’m sure you’ll be impressed with its quality!
On Issue #52, we promised to write a program to make that extra 5.25″ disk drive icon go away in Finder under System
6.0.1. Well, DiskCount is that program: a Control Panel that lets you tell System 6.0.1 how many 5.25″ drivers you really
have connected. As a bonus, we’ve also included the 5.25″ disk driver from System 6.0.1, which you can use under
System 6.0 for more reliable recognition of non-Apple-manufactured drives.
Clip Sounds
We’ve created a neat new batch of sounds this month. You should have lots of fun with Apple II Boot, Attention, BadDisk,
EerieTone, LectricWhine, and StoneThud. These sounds are in standard IIgs rSound format, so can be used with the IIgs
Sound control panel, as well as any IIgs application that can read and use rSounds (HyperStudio, Hypercard IIgs,
Platinum Paint, and many others).
Clip Art
This month’s clip art has a farm theme: chickens, pigs, cows, tractors, etc. Most of the images are color, but a few are
included in black and white. Use these for whatever project you like, and enjoy!
Stick-It is a DA based on those little yellow “sticky notes” that are so popular in most modern offices. You know the ones;
a small pad of paper with glue on the back, so you can write little notes and stick them practically anywhere on a
document, on your desk, on your forehead, or wherever else strikes your fancy. It works like a charm; you definitely need
to check this one out!
The Fine Print (Legal Forms)
This is the first in a new series that will be appearing semi-regularly here on Softdisk G-S. Many common legal matters
can be handled by regular folks without the help of an attorney, and legally, you have every right to do this. Para-legal
Gary Brand has made up a number of legal forms which should work in almost any state (of the U.S.). This month we
present you with legal documents having to do with the sale of real and personal property, as compiled by Gary Brand.
These include:

  • Bill of Sale
  • Bill of Sale for Business
  • Contract for Sale of Business
  • Earnest Money Contract for Sale of Residential Property
  • Earnest Money Contract for Sale of Commercial Property
  • Earnest Money Contract for Sale of Undeveloped Real Estate
  • and General Warranty Deed.


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