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Freeze! is an entertaining and addictive game that pits player against player, or against the computer, or even the
computer against itself. With stategy, deduction, and a bit of luck, you can move your pieces from the bottom to the top
row while guessing ring colors to freeze your opponent’s pieces as far down as possible. To make things more interesting,
players may utilize safe squares, “protect” their pieces, or even drag their opponent downward toward defeat!
II Scroll 1.5
Many of you have wondered if there wasn’t some way of patching the AppleWorks GS spreadsheet module so that the
scroll bar is more controllable. The problem with it, of course, is that there are so many rows in the spreadsheet that the
little scroll-bar “thumb” doesn’t move much (if at all) when you move up or down a few rows, or even a few pages. As a
result, you can’t get back up to the top easily. Well, now II Scroll addresses this inconvenience for you (and makes scroll
bars a lot easier and more convenient in every program)!
Marking Pen: With the Marking Pen font we continue our ongoing series of TrueType and bitmap fonts. A font inspired
by Gary’s wife, it will make your printouts look like (but not smell like) you’ve hand-drawn something with a Marks-a-lot
MIDISynth Songs (with Minstrel)
The return of one of our most popular (and all around mega-cool) DAs ever! This month we’ve included two original
creations: Action and Mellow. Minstrel is a New Desk Accessory that lets you play music and use your computer at the
same time. Load and play as many MIDI Synth or SoundSmith songs as you wish, from within virtually any application.
Word Finder Puzzles
Word Finder places letters on a 19 by 15 board with words hidden vertically and horizontally, both backwards and
forwards. Take your pick from three different difficulty settings and search for words as the clock ticks away. Beat the
clock and move to the next puzzle! Can you solve them all?
Spencer’s Corner
Bandleader: “Bandleader” is a favorite of my wife’s because she’s a choir director and the type who goes into every music
store that’s near a computer store or religious bookstore (where I am, in that order). She comes out with every knick-
knack in the place: musical notepaper, treble-clef bookmarks, instrumental refrigerator magnets, chalk that whistles
instead of screeching when you scrape it across the blackboard, and so on.
Clip Art
Endangered Animals: This artwork will come in handy next time you’re trudging through the wilderness, swimming the
oceans, or scanning the plains looking for photo opportunities. Look for a Loggerhead Sea Turtle, Panda, Rhino,
Elephant, Butterfly, Hyacynth Macaw, or Golden Lion Tamarin.
Clip Sounds
A neat trilogy of sounds awaits you on Softdisk G-S this month. You’ll thoroughly enjoy Cuckoo, Don’t Do That, and
Ricochet. Cuckoo and Don’t Do That would make great error sounds (try assigning them to “Caution Alert” or “Stop Alert”
in the Sound Control Panel), while Ricochet is great for short sound assignments (like “Can’t Click There” or “Bad
Keypress”). The sounds we are providing this month are in the rSound format so they can be used by the Sound Control
Panel (or in other IIgs applications that can read rSounds).


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