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Chip Runner
The Robots have revolted! They have tricked a human into removing the master control chips from their control circuits.
Without these chips in place, the robots no longer must obey humans. Your mission is to enter the robot inner sanctum,
obtain the master control chips, and then exit to the master control room where you can reinstall the chips and restore
human control. But watch out, the robot guards will relentlessly chase you. If you are caught, you will be imprisoned.
New Deal: New Deal is a Depression Era (1930-1940) style font that works very well as body text or headlines. New Deal
is available in TrueType and bitmap format.
AppleWorks GS
Back Issues: Wondering where all the amazing Softdisk G-S games are? Do you know the issue number? When we
reviewed the RamFAST? All this and more in this AppleWorks GS database: Back Issues.
Print Shop GS
Pixel Patterns: The PSPixelPatterns folder on this issues contains about 45 original pixel patterns for creating banners
with the Print Shop ][ GS. My 10-year-old daughter Alexis and I enjoy creating PSGS graphics with the graphic editors in
the Print Shop Companion ][GS. These are from our collection. All of the patterns will print in monochrome if needed, but
some are colored or multicolored.
Spencer’s Corner
Boss Memo: This picture of the boss was created so you can enter your own lettering in the box provided. As everybody
knows, text prints better when it’s real text and not part of the graphic. “From the Boss (or Manager, Supervisor,
Chairman, etc.)” will fit nicely in the rectangular box. You can put “Memo” anywhere on the page that you like.
QD Picture Patch
Greg started messing with printing again on this issue, the first thing he did was sit down and wade through all the curious
and twisted machinations of Apple’s printing mechanism. And although it was the one of the trickiest he’d ever seen, he
found the System Software bug responsible and came up with a patch for it. Just install this little file on your boot disk,
and printing problems (like those described in the QD Picture Patch article) will go away.
Ocean Card
Ocean Card. Just the mere mention still sends our Technical Support department into convulsions. Just before we
mastered the issue, we discovered that some mysterious bug prevented the huge Ocean Greeting Card graphic from
printing in the Shell. Worse, most other programs can’t handle graphics that large, so they wouldn’t print it either. Check
out QD Picture Patch for the answer to your problems!


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