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The object of the game is to move all of the tiles to the bottom of the board and score as many points as you can. Think
it’s easy? Think again. There are some tricky rules governing game play which ensure that you will have a hard time
achieving the maximum points available.
ThreeDer generates random dot stereograms (RDS). You have probably seen them in the best selling Magic Eye
books. The easiest way I have found to view these pictures is to focus to the back of the monitor. Shapes will then begin
to develop, and finally I can ‘lock’ in to the entire picture. Take a look and find out if you can see in 3-D.
People ‘n’ Stuff: One of the greatest symbol-style fonts ever! You’ll love the whimsical additions you can make to to your
documents with People ‘n’ Stuff. Link the characters together in a multitude of combinations to create a parade of people
like you’ve never seen before.
AppleWorks GS
Closing Costs: This spreadsheet was designed to help estimate closing costs when buying or selling a home.
Using this program, you will be able to obtain estimates based on price, interest rates, points, and term length of the
Spencer’s Corner
Town Crier: This Town Crier looks like either (1) he was up all night disturbing the neighbors with his clamoring or (2) he
was up all night tippling with some wench whose name he can’t remember or never inquired about in the first place. But,
actually, his eyes are glassy over the importance of the news he’s got. I have no idea what that news might be, of course,
but I’m certain that any news you have to share is exciting enough to make him positively ga-ga.
Clip Art
Summer Fun: This month’s clip art will inspire you to have fun this summer. Take a look and see what you might be
missing out on.


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