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WordWorks Pro 2.1.2
Have you been searching for a word processor that meets all your needs yet is simple to use? Look no further.
WordWorks Pro 2.1.2 takes you a step beyond ordinary word processors into the realm of the truly amazing. We have
included multiple-line keystroke macros, foreground and background text color, a ruler, slick find/change options, and a
unique preferences menu.
SquareOff is a simple but addictive game in which you connect two dots with a line. The object is to beat the other player
(computer or human) by using these lines to form squares. Each square has a point value so if you complete that square,
you get those points.
Pixel Puzzler
A beautiful, fun diversion, Pixel Puzzler brings all the power of your GS into play! Following in the footsteps of our
original Puzzler game for the 8-bit Apple II, Pixel Puzzler is a computerized jigsaw puzzle, but using IIgs super hi-res
graphics and pleasant sounds.
AppleWorks GS
Easy News: The Easy News template is an AppleWorks GS page layout module that allows one to easily create a
newsletter with AppleWorks GS. As the name implies, Easy News is easy to use.
Spencer’s Corner
Marsh Creek: This month’s graphic is in two forms: a flyer for school or church use, and an AWGS greeting card template
for personal use. The card can announce a birthday, an open house, a job promotion, or anything at all.
Clip Art
Nautical: This month’s clip art is all about the sea. Ships,dragons,sailors,and fish all to get you in the mood for a nice visit
to the nearest body of water. Enjoy!
Casablanca: A pencil-thin serif font, Casablanca will delight the masses when you use it for your casino party invitation (or
any event having to do with classical movies that have been colorized). It may look a bit crowded or squeezed on the
screen but it’s a beauty when printed! Casablanca is available in TrueType and bitmap format.


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