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Key Words
Hangman with a twist! You’ll love Bill North’s latest foray into mind games. This mental teaser plays like regular hangman
but has great sounds, cool animations and a way to create your own word lists!
Word Up!
Texas Sayings: Word Up!: Texas Sayings is neither more nor less than a vocabulary quiz. For centuries mankind has
throven on such quizzes. From the early vocabulary game, Gutenberg’s FlashWords, to the Digest’s column, “We’ll Give
You Money If You’ll Learn Some Words,” from Double-Dutch to Pig-Latin, from American Sign Language to smoke
signals, modern man has always been obsessed with enhancing his communication skills.
Area Codes V1.1
This handy desk accessory gives you instant information about area codes in the United States and Canada. Type in any
area code and find out what area it’s for. Type in the name of a major city and you’ll get the area code for that city. You
can even add your own cities and area codes if you want; it’s the perfect utility for anyone who does a lot of long distance
calling around the U.S. or Canada! (NOTE: The data included with this program was correct at time of original
publication but should no longer be considered accurate.)
AppleWorks GS
Grant Finder: GrantFinder release 1.0 is a list of fifty (50) national grant sources that give money away, usually tax free!
Also in the package are a sample letter and the steps to getting a grant.
Spencer’s Corner
General Custer: Hardly anybody in American history has been more vilified and lampooned in Hollywood than old “Yellow
Hair,” the brilliant Civil War cavalry officer who met his demise at the Little Big Horn River during the later Indian Wars
from a combination of faulty scouting reports, the incompetence (and insubordination) of his junior officers, and perhaps a
touch of stubborn overconfidence. But in that order, mind you.
Clip Art
This month’s clip art features kids at play. Skaters, swimmers, and kids having fun with toys adorn the issue. Perfect for
that summer party flier or a birthday party. As usual, our clip art is in the format most appropriate to use on your GS: APF
(Apple-Preferred Format).


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