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Softdisk Adventure Machine
A Mouse in the House: Life as a mouse isn’t just fun and games, but all things considered, you’ve had it pretty good. At
least you thought so until you overheard Mr. and Mrs. Green (the humans who own this house) discussing the arrival in
the morning of something they referred to as “The Exterminator.” This month we are proud to announce (and publish) the
3rd place winner, A Mouse in the House by Lawrence Moore. Congratulations Lawrence!!!
MIDISynth Songs
This month we’ve included two original songs: Class1 and Galliard. Use Minstrel (a New Desk Accessory that lets you
play music and use your computer at the same time) from Issue #62 or your Bonus Disk to load and play these great new
Home Refinancer
Nearly three million Americans will refinance this year. Refinancing entails taking out a new loan on your home and paying
off your existing one (loan). How do you know whether or not refinancing is a good deal for you? There is an old “2-2-2”
rule of thumb. You must have been in your home for at least two years, reduce your interest rate by two percent, and plan
to live in your house for at least two more years. Home Refinancer will prove that this rule has many exceptions.
How many times have you been digging around the papers and other junk on your desk looking for your solar powered
calculator in order to perform some quick calculation? I got tired of searching for mine and decided to write a calculator
that wouldn’t take a lot of memory, and would still be flexible and powerful. CalcCDA was born.
Raven Croft: Looking rather baroque, the Raven Croft font comes to you from the now-famous archives of Gary Garrett’s
collection. You can almost smell the mustiness of the French chateau where this font idea originated.
Spencer’s Corner
Now Serving: Use this month’s “Now Serving,” for instance, as an announcement, promo or menu for your family’s holiday
feast or for the next fund-raising dinner put on by your favorite charitable organization!
Clip Art
Fish: This month’s clip art features fish; including: Ephippium, Honey Damsel, Paradise, Sweet Lips, and a Wrasse.
If you print these out and paste them to a piece of glass, they’ll really fool young kids. (And, they’re much easier to clean
up after.)


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