Softdisk G-S #71 (Download)


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Auto Info
What is AutoInfo? Well, I won’t go into the history of why I wrote it like many programmers do, but I’ll just say that when
you need it, it makes life a whole lot easier. It is a Finder extension which gives you info on whatever you select in Finder,
as soon as you select it.
MIDISynth Songs
Michael drummed up two Beethoven songs: Moon and G Min. Use Minstrel from Issue #62 or your Bonus Disk to load
and play these great new selections. Minstrel is a New Desk Accessory that plays MIDI music on your GS. It puts the S
back in GS!
Quick Click Morph: This month we take a look at Quick Click Morph, the latest program by Mike Westerfield in the Byte
Works Quick Click series. The first Quick Click release was Quick Click Calc, a spreadsheet program reviewed back on Softdisk G-S #66.


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