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Sand Trap
You are Petton Everhail, the most powerful magician in the world. First you defeated the evil Shadrani forces that had
taken Mount Kel-Keriad. Emerging from the catacombs victorious, you then cleared the mountain’s forest of the invading
Fire Giants. Lately, the last gate you entered in the forest sent you to the ethereal plane. Now, that you’ve figured out how
the ethereal plane works, can you find a way for you to get back home? Yes, you are Petton Everhail, the most powerful
magician in the world. But you are no longer in this world–do you have what it takes to survive? It is because of your great
power that you have been ensorcelled and cast into a pyramid by a powerful immortal being. Do you have what it takes to
escape from this powerful being’s trap?
All-new never-before-published BackDrop images for your collection!!! BackDrop is a new desk accessory (NDA) that
allows you to change your desktop pattern to any of the colorful patterns included, or any pattern or picture you make on
your own. It’s designed to be easy-to-use and great to play around with. We know it’s succeeded in that regard because
we get sooooo much mail about this system embellishment. If you’re not using it yet, you better try it out this time! Version
1.0 of BackDrop was published on issues #50 and #56 of Softdisk G-S. Version 1.0.2, on issue #63 and this one, is a very
minor update, but includes a whole new set of backdrop patterns.
Dear John: Just what you’ve been asking for, a high-quality script font. Dear John is perfect for all those letters you plan to
write in the new year. Dear John is brought to you in TrueType and Bitmap format. To use the TrueType font, you will
need Pointless by WestCode Software 1-619-679-9200. We’ve provided a couple of bitmap sizes for those of you who
don’t have Pointless.
Spencer’s Corner
Diamond Banner: You can use Diamond Banner to announce a special sale in your business, as a report cover, or as a
flyer or bulletin announcement of any sort. Its attractive, non-thematic nature makes it adaptable to numerous uses.
MIDIsynth Songs
Michael drummed up two more Beethoven songs: Invention #14 and #15. Use Minstrel from Issue #62 or your Bonus Disk
to load and play these great new selections. Minstrel is a New Desk Accessory that plays MIDI music on your GS. It puts
the S back in GS! NOTE: The MIDI Synth Tool #035 must be installed on your System disk for Minstrel to work!
IIGS’s on the World Wide Web
This column will be a new addition to the regular SDGS article line-up. I use AOL and eWorld to search all over the Web
for interesting SDGS information. Most of the fruits of my search will be found here.


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