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Eruption is a HyperCard-like program that will enhance your knowledge of volcanoes. The main window has a map of
the world and a column of icons along the right-hand side. Clicking the mouse on any area of the map, or on any icon will
bring up a text window with more information about that item.
AppleWorks GS
Stock Tracker: StockTracker GS is a simple, easy to use AppleWorks GS spreadsheet that allows the user to quickly
and easily keep track of their stock portfolios. Simply enter the requested information, and AppleWorks GS does the rest.
For your conviencence, an “Alert Price” option has been added. This feature produces a system alert window telling you
which of your stocks has reached your designated selling price. You do not have to use this feature. In fact, all you have
to enter is the stock’s purchase price and present price; like I said before, AppleWorks GS takes care of the rest!
Apollo: Perfect timing considering the recent Academy Awards and the Oscars that Apollo 13 took home. Although, once
you look at the font, it has the personality of Remains of the Day, not Tom Hanks in space. Heavily ornamental, I’ll
probably use this mainly as initial caps. In large enough point sizes it will be fine for body text as well. See what you think.
Apollo is brought to you in TrueType and Bitmap format.
Spencer’s Corner
Old Couple The joys of staying at home can be overblown, as this month’s Spencer’s Corner graphic is meant to depict.
Back Issues #1-53 and #54-74
Wondering where all the amazing Softdisk G-S games are? Do you know the issue number? When we reviewed Opening
Line? All this and more in this article: Back Issues. Since the last time we published this article, we’ve added 20 more
issues to the GS world. Check out the article Back Issues #1-53 for a listing of issues 1-53. Look through the article Back
Issues #54-74 for issues #54-74. Also, we published an AppleWorks GS database of issues #1-65 on issue #65. That
database is being updated right now and will be published in the near future.
IIGS’s on the World Wide Web
Using AOL and Netscape, we’ll search all over the Web for interesting SDGS information. Surf over to this article to find
the latest sites that might strike your fancy.


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