Softdisk G-S #82 (Download)


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Bunnies and Carrots
Gather carrots as they appear and disappear among set of sliding, floating platforms. Be sure to avoid the other bunny
trying to do the same thing — he’ll stop at nothing to get more than you!
StoryTeller IIGS
Play “MadLibs” right on your Apple IIGS!
WordFinder Edit
Lets you edit and create your own word find games for use with Bill Tudor’s WordFinder game. Just fill in the blanks, save
the data to disk, and you can use your new word game in WordFinder!
Win Image
A handy NDA utility that lets you capture a graphic image of just about any window. You can now save the image, copy it
to the clipboard, or print it.
Shooting Star: A font whose letters are made up of the swish of a shooting stars’ tail. Its extended character set is limited,
but it’s a lot of fun. Includes several bitmap sizes as well as a TrueType version.
Online Journeys
This month: Browser War III — the latest on the Netscape vs. Microsoft browser war.
Comics Corner
Jokes and gags contributed by the readers.


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