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Written by British author Ewen Wannop, Spectrum is an easy-to-use yet powerful and comprehensive IIGS desktop telecommunications program that permits users to dial up a local BBS, to log onto an employer’s remote computer, or to access the far reaches of cyberspace via a local Internet Service Provider.

This downloadable CD-ROM image version includes Spectrum itself as well as Spectrum Automated Mailer, the SAFE FTP program, the SOAR offline reader for Syndicomm Online, and the manuals in lovely Adobe® PDF format. The download is offered as an ISO disc image file for burning to CD-R.

Spectrum is an expandable program that has grown far beyond basic telecommunications. Through the use of Spectrum’s External Commands and powerful scripting language, Spectrum add-on programs have been created that allow users to automate online sessions to Syndicomm Online with SOAR, surf the world wide web with Spectrum Internet Suite, or send and receive e-mail via SMTP and POP3 mail servers with Spectrum Automated Mailer.

Spectrum is the only program for the Apple IIGS that has been updated to provide support for Internet access via TCP/IP, thereby freeing Spectrum users from having to use an increasingly more difficult-to-find unix shell account!

The latest version of Spectrum – v2.5.3 – requires System 6.0.1. Highly recommended are a hard disk drive and 4 megabytes of RAM.

Some of Spectrum 2.5.3’s advanced features include:

  • Improved script execution speed.
  • Optimise scripts by compiling them.
  • Spectrum 2.5.3 and the XCMDs are Y2K compliant.
  • Optional Serial or TCP/IP environment.
  • Fully Integrated support for Marinetti 2.0.
  • Integrated multi-socket Telnet function.
  • Up to 32 simultaneous open TCP/IP connections.
  • View HTML files directly from within Spectrum.
  • Enhanced !Help! NDA includes Find function.
  • Internal support for Babelfish Import and Export.
  • Spectrum 2.5.3 supports the Hierarchic Control Panel.
  • Updated Spectrum Port driver.
  • 57600 baud connections using Bernie ][ the Rescue.
  • More than 50 new or updated script commands.
  • More than 30 new replacement items.
  • Many enhanced and updated XCMDs:
    • The BinHQX XCMD now includes:
    • BinSCII encoding and decoding.
    • BinHex 4.0 encoding and decoding.
    • MIME Base 64 multipart encoding and decoding.
    • UUencode encoding and decoding.
  • Enhanced WorkBench XCMD replaces the ResEdit XCMD:
    • Access and edit resource forks.
    • Make MessageCenter and IPC calls.
    • Make Toolbox & GS/OS calls.
    • Peek and Poke.
  • The Spectrum manuals are now supplied in Teach format.



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